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Development history

February 1998

Shenzhen Chaoqun plastic products factory was established in the first industrial zone of songgangtantou, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, mainly engaged in watch accessories;

September 2001

the company transformed its business from watch accessories to hardware stamping of digital products, and established an anodizing production line;

May 2002

due to the needs of business development, "Chaoqun plastic products factory" was renamed as "Shenzhen Zhengya Industrial Co., Ltd.";

September 2002

the company established the production chain of hardware appearance parts, providing mold design, stamping, grinding, sandblasting, anodizing, flower approval, CD pattern, radium carving, screen printing and other services, and established long-term cooperation with famous enterprises such as "Haojixing, Noah boat, Hanlin, Bubugao, Midea and precision mold Electronics";

March 2004

 the company expanded its business scale and moved to yanglongmen Industrial Zone in Datian, Songgang. In the same year, it passed the ISO international quality certification;

June 2007

the company adjusted the product structure, developed to the direction of deep processing of product specialization, and focused on the production of aluminum product appearance parts;

June 2010

CNC and CNC lathe machining center was established to improve the processing chain;

October 2017

the company obtained the qualification certificate of "Baoan explosion related metal dust - qualified enterprise for acceptance" issued by the government department, with the ability of independent polishing;

July 2018

with the government set up a "sewage treatment on-line detection" system and achieved acceptance, it has independent sewage treatment capacity.

January 2019

the process, operation process and overall environment of the anodizing production line will be re optimized to improve the production efficiency;

Thus forming a series of services for aluminum product appearance parts from mold design and manufacturing, forging, aluminum profile processing, CNC processing, CNC turning parts, stamping, grinding, sandblasting, drawing, anodizing, flower printing, highlight, CD pattern, radium carving all completed in the company, establishing the core products of the company with "earphone aluminum parts, mini audio, mobile power shell", obtaining and famous Brand enterprises "Foxconn, Fujiko, acoustic electronics, HP, Philips, ZTE precision, Moby, pioneer, musical angel, Pinsheng, JBL, Kel, line6, lvsha, yilepu" and other long-term fixed cooperative relations;


Now: the company is growing rapidly------

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Corporate culture


Business tenet: 
working together, customer first, keeping improving, stable quality


Enterprise philosophy: 
integrity innovation, customer-centered

Leadership requirements: 
loyal to the enterprise, broad-minded, good at learning and doing things with heart

Employee requirements: 
loyalty to the enterprise, unity and cooperation, deep research in business, striving for the top

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